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NOVEMBER 6, 2019 

Nominated by Sue McGonegal

Donation $5600

Gigi’s Playhouse, Detroit ,opened in January, 2019 and is the only location in Michigan.    Gigi’s Playhouse provides a lifelong commitment to supporting the Downs Syndrome community and has over 30 programs for individuals with Downs Syndrome and their families.  These programs provide social, emotional and educational support at no cost to the families.

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AUGUST 27, 2019


Nominated by Janna Snyder

Donation $5800

Monarch Wings (dba) Hope Against Trafficking is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization working to answer the call for safe housing and restorative support for adult female survivors of sex and labor trafficking in Southeast Michigan.

The mission and vision of Hope Against Trafficking is based on the premise that LOVE transforms.  Our mission centers on two distinct initiatives: 1) Community Education and 2) Restorative Residential Healing

The community education arm of our mission focuses on educating the community on the issue of human trafficking.  This includes the vulnerabilities, signs of manipulation, lures, and ways to identify possible victims. It is our obligation as an organization to bring HOPE against trafficking by educating and bringing awareness which will, in turn, shed light into the darkness to empower our communities to stand up, turn on the lights, see the truth and do something about it!

Through transformative love, our restorative residential healing offers a loving community to help female survivors of human trafficking rebuild, restore and transform their lives. Our 2-year residential holistic program provides rent-free housing and comprehensive services focused on the physical, mental and economic transformational needs of female survivors of trafficking, giving them hope for their future and empowering them to thrive once again.  This program is based on the success of our sister program, Magdalene/Thistle FarmsNashville, which has existed for over 20 years and achieves a remarkable 84% success rate in transforming the lives of survivors into self-sufficient individuals with hope for their future, as well as establishing successful social enterprises that have empowered/equipped women with essential life/job skills.

Pontiac, Michigan


_________________________________________________________________May  7, 2019


Nominated by Leslie Accardo




On My Own of Michigan assists adults with mild developmental disabilities become independent, social and contributing members of the community. We believe individuals living with developmental disabilities have the right to choose where they live, work, play and worship. And, when given the opportunity, experience and appropriate supports, they can become active members of the community. Adults with developmental disabilities like autism and Down syndrome face an unsettling reality: less than twenty-five percent will leave the care of their families to one day live on their own.

Twenty years ago, eight Oakland County families came together with the dream that someday their children would live independently. With no other local options for supported, community-based independent living, On My Own of Michigan was borne.

And today, nearly sixty percent of our sixty two members with developmental disabilities live in a home of their own. It is with the personalized support of our trained staff and through our skill-building classes that our members are able to live the life of their dreams.

The Skill-Building Program is designed to help members develop and refine their independent living skills, as well as build peer relationships and support networks. These program improvements will allow us to better target our curriculum to meet varied and changing member needs, respond to feedback we’ve received from members and their families, and focus more deeply on building the skills necessary for our members to live on their own.

Each year, we offer more than 100 classes taught by subject-matter experts, 26 social outings to area attractions, and 2 weekend trips for members looking to explore beyond Oakland County. All Skill-Building Program members will be assessed by our program team every six months to determine their areas of strength and areas needing a bit of improvement. These short assessments will allow us to better tailor our class curriculum and also help members progress more quickly along the road to independence.

Through our Independent Living Program, members will receive customized support to help them begin and sustain the transition to independent living. This support will be proactive, based on the results of individualized assessments, and available to members on an as-needed basis: an hour per week of support coordination (to help facilitate goal setting and achievement) and/or two hours per week of direct care (to help practice independent living skills.) All members in our Independent Living Program will also receive access to our 24/7 emergency phone line to help them through non-life threatening situations that may be unfamiliar or anxiety-producing.

By serving as a one-stop shop for independent living support, offering peace of mind and being there when our members need us most, and helping members build long-lasting peer relationships, we’re excited to build upon our strengths and continue into our 21st year of helping members live the life of their dreams.

On My Own is also looking for volunteers to help teach classes to build the skills of the members. Consider volunteering your time today!


February 21, 2019


Nominated by Christal Lewandowski


Our Mission Statement

Career Dress Services is committed to promoting the economic independence of low/moderate income women in Southeast Michigan by providing professional attire for women actively seeking employment.

Our Vision

To equip women for success in the workplace Career Dress Services is committed to promoting the economic independence of low/moderate income women in Southeast Michigan by providing professional attire for women actively seeking employment.

Since 2002, Career Dress has served over 4,000 women actively seeking employment.The Career Dress Boutique is completely self-funded, and operated by a staff of 9 dedicated volunteers.

Career Dress assists clients by referral only, and women must have a job interview scheduled or be in a job-training program before receiving clothing. Our clients come to us from over 40 different agencies, including State of Michigan Welfare-to Work programs, Michigan Rehabilitation Services, Department of Human Services, Homeless, Domestic Abuse, and Drug Rehabilitation facilities.

On the initial visit, women are fitted with new undergarments. They are then given one complete interview outfit along with accessories, appropriate for the industry in which they are interviewing. When a job is secured, women come back to Career Dress for two additional outfits that can be mixed and matched to make several outfits, providing them with the foundation for a professional wardrobe. (Note: We also provide appropriate clothing for a variety of industries, including scrubs for the medical fields, uniforms for restaurant workers, work boots, etc.).

55 W Huron Street, Pontiac, MI 48342


_________________________________________________________________________November 7, 2018


Nominated by Laura Rolands


KEVINS SONG..@kevinssong.org


Kevin’s Song is a charitable organization dedicated to generating public awareness about the causes of suicide, its prevalence in our society and possible preventive measures. As an organization, we are creating a working community of professionals and advocates that is rapidly being recognized as an important resource in the metropolitan Detroit area for offering knowledge, hope and healing to individuals, families and communities touched by suicide.


Kevin’s Song is a central hub: the place where people can come to find resources and learn about organizations that are helping us understand the causes of suicide as well as effective methods of preventing it. It is a place where people can find the latest research, read reviews of books on suicide as well as articles by experts in the field, and learn about support groups and activities taking place locally, nationally, and globally.

Through conferences, workshops, a documentary film and our website, Kevin’s Song provides up-to-date information on the impacts of suicide and helpful resources to keep our community safer and welcoming for those who are at-risk and their loved ones. We plan to partner with local mental health professionals to bring innovation to the care and treatment of individuals haunted by the risk of self-harm. We will be a sustaining presence in the suicide education and prevention community by actively working with other suicide prevention organizations to increase awareness and help eradicate the stigma associated with mental illness.


August 28, 2018


Nominated by Nancy Hauff


”The Troy Firefighters Community Fund (TFCF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving underprivileged children and families from the City of Troy and neighboring communities. TFCF is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) charitable organization comprised of Troy volunteer firefighters and their families.

Since 2008, the TFCF has annually sponsored “Shopping With a Firefighter” in which as many as 40 underprivileged children ranging in age from 3 to 13 years, from low income households, spend a day shopping with Troy firefighters. The purpose of the event is to give these children and their families an opportunity to give gifts to their loved ones when they may not ordinarily be able to do so.

The day begins with the children making a shopping list for themselves and their family members. The children then shop with a firefighter for gifts such as clothing, bedding supplies, toys, etc. Next, the children travel back to the fire station to wrap their gifts, after which a meal is hosted by the firefighters. Various crafts and activities are available at the fire station for the children as well.

The entire event is funded through charitable donations and fundraising activities.

In addition to this project our firefighters also prepare emergency kits for families who experience losses due to fire.

The Troy Fire Department staffing consists of an authorized strength of 180 volunteer members and 11 uniformed career staff members, a mere 6% of the department. “


May 3, 2018


Presented by Amy Satterfield


Visible as members of the premier service club in Troy, Rotarians live the motto of “Service Above Self”, the motto that strengthens Rotarians to address the challenges in today’s world.

Rotary meetings bring together great friends, good food, shared beliefs, respect for the individual differences of others, a need to give back to the community and interesting weekly speakers and presentations.

Here are some of the things Rotarians provide within our local community of Troy:

Troy Student Scholarships: Graduating Seniors from Troy schools have been awarded more than $100,000 from Troy Rotary.

Troy Youth Assistance Recognition Night: Annually Troy Rotary sponsors The award Banquet for the Youth of Troy who demonstrate the spirit of giving to others

Troy People Concerned: Annually Troy Rotary provides support to help Troy ‘s people in need through emergency food, housing, and temporary financial assistance.

Troy Schools Fine Arts Program: A format for students to demonstrate their talents in the fine arts of music, art and literature supported by Troy Rotary funds.

Troy High School’s All Night Parties: Provide a safe and supervised all night celebration format for Troy’s graduating classes.

Capuchin Kitchen: A refuge for the hungry, contributed to and supported by Troy Rotary

Literacy Tutoring: Troy Rotary supports the Detroit Rotary with an adult literacy project that helps those that need it get jobs.

Individual members of our club also are responsible for:  Sponsoring a writing contest for Troy Students

We thank you for your generosity to help us in our mission of “Service Above Self”, and to fulfill this year’s promise to “Make a Difference.”  Together, we can do great things to impact the needs of our Community, our World. Together, dedicated to “Service Above Self”, through Rotary we can accomplish greatness.


February 6, 2018


Presented by Jennifer Bell


BABY BASICS OF TROY MINISTRY is a non-profit volunteer organization that provides and distributes diapers and kindness to working low-income families who do not receive governmental cash assistance. 100% of our donations go directly towards the purchase of diapers.

Upon entering the program the family signs a contract with Baby Basics of Troy Ministry assuring that a family member will attend the twice-monthly diaper distribution. The distribution serve a dual purpose of not only giving the parent a two-week free supply of diapers, but also providing them with an open and caring environment where they can connect with volunteers, talk about other issues that they are facing, or if necessary, receive referrals to other supportive services. The diapers are distributed at a local church in the evening and participants receive text reminders.

Families living and/or working  in Troy, Clawson or Sterling Heights with babies under the age of three years old, must have at least one parent working, must meet maximum financial guidelines and the family cannot be receiving any form of cash federal or state assistance (welfare). Qualified families are eligible regardless of race, creed or religion.


November 1,2017


Presented by Kathy Bauhof


Founded in 2006 by the Presbyterian Women in Detroit, The Second Mile Center of Detroit provides services and develops partnerships to empower and strengthen people through charitable and educational means without discrimination based on race, color, national or ethnic origin.

Our services include:

Free After School Programs

Free Summer Activities

Free Clothing, Goods and Baby Needs Pantry

Free Monday Night Community Dinners

No Cost Mobile Health Fairs

Free Computer labs

Field Trips

Mission and/or Learning Opportunities

Job Placement Opportunities

One-on-one Time


August 22, 2017
Eastpointe, Michigan
Presented by Nancy Hauff



“Gianna House Pregnancy and Parenting Residence in Eastpointe is a sacred sanctuary for its residents, each of whom deserve to continue the life of her unborn child in an environment imbued with spiritual grace, emotional and spiritual support, and knowledge.”

Gianna House will be a safe residence for pregnant teens and their newborn infants, during pregnancy and through 1 year of age, while providing spiritual, educational, and parenting support and resources to all pregnant women.

At this time, until the building renovations are completed and approved for occupancy, Community Outreach is the focus as Gianna House supports all pregnant women with education on coping with pregnancy, childbirth preparation, infant care, breastfeeding, and parenting. In addition, Gianna House provides pregnancy testing, counseling and referrals, baby equipment, and clothing. We host bimonthly baby showers to reach out to new mothers who need support. Classes on infant safety and early reading are provided by the Macomb County Health Department and Lakeview Schools. Mothers receive a nutritious meal, information, and baby items.

Their faith-based mission is to provide an alternative to abortion, to provide pregnant teens with a place of temporary shelter,to increase the number of healthy babies born and to decrease the high infant mortality rate. Their aim is to change the lives of adolescents who have chosen LIFE for their babies by providing compassionate medical care, social service intervention, ongoing education, and the modeling of Christ’s love for His children.

May 23, 2017
Troy, Michigan
Presented by Nancy Hauff


The Troy Police Honor Guard performs official remembrance to Law Enforcement Professionals who have passed in the line of duty. Troy Police Honor Guard is also utilized for certain events that require dignified display and presentation of our nation’s flag. In addition, the Honor Guard provides financial support to families of Law Enforcement Professionals -Police and Correction Officers- within the State of Michigan- who have passed in the line of duty. As recently as July 2016 through November 2016 they provided funds for the families of 5 fallen Officers from Southeast Michigan.

The Honor Guard consists of 13 sworn Officers from the Troy Police Department who are highly trained in the aspects of drill and ceremony, flag presentations and funeral details. The Honor Guard is independent of the Troy Police Department and the Officers volunteer their time for these services. As a 501(c)3 their budget is used solely to support families of fallen Officers.

February 16, 2017
Roseville, Michigan
Presented by Karen Gates



Vets Returning Home works closely with a multitude of human service providers, nonprofit organizations and government agencies to meet the needs of the Veterans’ medical, psychological and educational needs. The purpose of our program is to support American Veterans in crisis who have risked their lives for our country, helping them return to a life of stability, pride, and honor as contributing members of their communities. At this time our facility is able to house 37 male and 6 female Veterans.

Vets Returning Home is located in Roseville, the only facility of its kind in Macomb County. Services include ongoing research of current Michigan program features, implementation of hands on accountability to ensure that our Vets obtain what is promised them, and an ongoing vision to improve and simplify program features going forward. With our collaborating and supporting partners, our structured program provides: Life Skills Training , Employment Training, Education, Job Opportunities and Referrals, Health Care Screening, PTSD Counseling, Transportation Assistance, Meals and Clothing, Support Groups (Including PTSD), Substance Abuse Intervention and Benefits and Entitlement Assistance.

November 17, 2016
Shelby Township, Michigan
Presented by Julie McClure



Trinity Community Care is a clinic serving the uninsured and the underinsured. Both medical and dental care are offered, alternating Sundays each month. The health care professionals are all volunteers, with Beaumont providing both lab and imaging services as needed.

Services offered include Family Medicine, lab work, dental, dental hygiene,social work assistance, resource coordination assistance, health education and illness prevention, patient assistance program for medications, spiritual and prayer support.

August 23, 2016
Troy, Michigan
Presented by Christal Lewandowski


In response to an announcement by the City of Troy in 2010 of plans to close the Stage Nature Center, a small but devoted group of citizens came together to form the Troy Nature Society (TNS), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The society assumed management of the nature center in 2011 and began offering educational nature, science and environmental programs.The society’s mission is to provide resources and education to inspire the appreciation and preservation of nature and members immediately began raising funds to support operations. The Troy Nature Society members, volunteers and financial supporters ensure that the community would continue to enjoy this unique preserve set in an urban environment.

This center for learning contains classrooms, a public research library, an observation bee hive, a wildlife viewing area and an exhibition lobby with live amphibians and a reptile. The headwaters of the Rouge River flow through this unique 100-acre preserve. More than 145 plant and animal species may be viewed throughout the grounds. An outdoor play area features climbing boulders, and a paved path provides wheelchair access to the streamside forest. Within the nature center boundaries are two miles of trails, which pass through upland forest, meadows, streamside wetlands, and a cattail marsh.

During the first fiscal year of operations, TNS provided services for 8,253 visitors, students and program participants. Our donation underwrites programs which serve thousands of students annually.

June 1, 2016
Southfield, Michigan
Presented by Nancy Cormier


Located in Beverly Hills, Judson Center’s Lahser Respite Home is a six-bed home for children between the ages of 5 and 17 who are medically fragile or have a developmental disability – including autism, mental illness and mental impairments. Their mission is to provide expert, comprehensive services in southeastern Michigan that strengthen children, adults and families impacted by abuse and neglect, autism, developmental disabilities and mental health challenges so they are successful in their communities.

Lahser Respite Home is the only facility of its type in Oakland Country, servicing Troy families and surrounding communities. Respite is a period of relief from the intense care often required in nurturing someone with a developmental disability or autism. Anyone who has ever cared for such a child knows that it takes more than simply love to assure the child’s safety, health and happiness.

All financial support comes solely from fundraising.