“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Meade

This model is simple and effective.  Please tell your friends, sisters, mothers, daughters, granddaughters, nieces, neighbors, community leaders and co-workers, near and far, about 100 Women Who Care, Troy.  Also, please share this unique opportunity with your friends in other states and communities!

Our members as of October 2018:

Leslie Accardo

Addamae Akin

Mireya Amecuza

Mays Attia

Kathy Bauhof

Jennifer Bell

Denise Benesch

Sandra Bera

Nancy Boari

Gretchen Bovensiep

Trisha Bright

Victoria Cameron

Colleen Christopher

Nancy Cormier

Gail Cowger

Ahi Dao

Joan Darish

Barbara DiFazio

Jane Dubay

Honor Flaim

Paula Fleming

Barbara Fowler

MaryAnn Gallina

Karen Gates, Co-Founder

Geannie ‘GiGi’ Geraghty

Gayle Good

Jennifer Gottlieb

Rosemary Graves

Karen Greenwood

Nancy Hartwell

Nancy Hauff, Co-Founder

Karen Ingram

Janice Johnson

Carolyn Kaye

Sue Kazmierczak

Shama Kenkre

Lori Kneisler

Susan Kowalski

Elaine Kruse

Diane Lenderman

Marylou Levy, Co-Founder

Christal Lewandowski

Joan Littman

Lynda Ludy

Robyn Lyons

Mary Masson

Denise Mausoff

Julianne McClure, Co-Founder

Camille McDonald

Denise McGillivray

Susan McGonegal

Angela Miciuda

Stacy Miletti

Joan Morgan

Betty Morris

Susan O’Connor

Nancy Papet

Mary Pepoy

René Pothetes

Janet Power

Nancy Rider

Helen Rieland

Laura Rolands

Amy Satterfield

Pat Schultz

Theresa Sherman

Kristen Siepker

Sharon Spagnola, Co-Founder

Cindy Stewart

Nan Stindt

Jean Timmer

Maryann Torcolacci

Michela Treharne

Marion Turowski

Cindy Van Tiem

Janice Wartchow

Teryl Watch

Michelle Williams